Interview: James Rose of Content Snare

Content roadblocks are a common and truly frustrating roadblock for any freelancer, consultant or agency owner who is just trying to make ends meet. It’s no wonder there are solutions for this exact problem, which my guest knows all about.

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Think you can’t afford to outsource? Think again

The majority of marketers we speak to raise the question of how they can afford to bring our team into a project and still make a profit. In other words how can they afford to work with us. There’s a pretty clear cut and simple solution to this and it starts with when you get us involved.

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Partner Spotlight: Mustaasam Saleem of Cloudways

I’ve used all sorts of hosting provider from your cheapest of the cheap shared hosting, to the powerful SysAdmin and DevOps root access hosting you get with dedicated providers. Nothing ever met my needs quite like Cloudways. Today we have the amazing Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways who is kindly here to speak to us about Cloudways. Oh and stick around until the end for a cool $15 free hosting credit.

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