5 Reasons to Avoid “All-in-one” Themes (and Partner Up Instead)

We work with a variety of digital agencies, but primarily marketers. We hear a lot of stories about how our partners used to do things. One reoccurring theme (get it) is their reliance on pre-made and all-in-on themes from libraries such as Themeforest. You know those cheap as chips themes that you can buy and it instantly makes you look like a hero to your clients and you think nothing needs to be changed – it will just work for your client.

Well let’s discover why that’s more fake news than truth.

1. A theme for everything except your use case

It’s not possible to have a theme that will cater for every type of website. Yeah some of the all in one themes can be used for different industries, but if you’re like me I always felt like my use case was the one they didn’t get.

2. Cheap introductory prices with mandatory lifetime support fees

The way the market has gone it’s not common practise to buy a theme dirt cheap and be charged on an annual basis for continued updates.

You could argue that other themes sold independently charge an on-going fee too. The difference though is they almost always have a free version that is remains free forever. It’s o my when you pay for a pro version that you can expect annual payments, which is more than acceptable because independent themes like Page Builder Framework have epic features at a reasonable annual rate.

3. Terrible page builders that embed shortcode

I’m not normally one for targeting any particular developer or team but you’ll find a huge majority of all in one themes use WP Bakery.

What’s wrong with WP Bakery I hear you ask. Well, there are a number of reasons but the biggest annoyance for myself and many of my peers is how it embeds tons and tons of shortcodes into every page. This essentially locks you in and many people stick with WP Bakery just to avoid the mammoth task of editing every page, so you just have your original content, and then move to a new page builder.

4. Websites look really similar

If you manage to get on with WP Bakery, well done. It’s not a good page builder but at least you’ve got a custom looking website that isn’t at all similar to everyone else’s… right?

Very unlikely.

The majority of all in one themes are downloaded in the thousands by now, and even if you are a ninja web developer you likely have a really similar looking website to a big percentage of those who also downloaded the theme. This translates to a bad customer experience and a negative review.

5. Flexibility and customisation

All in one themes have an array of header layouts and designs, amongst other “unique styles”. This may give you some choices but it’s not true flexibility and you certainly can’t create a unique look for your client.

If you do try to go it alone, and use a template as a base theme to build upon, you’ll likely have wasted your money. Instead I’d go download the free Page Builder Framework theme, hook it up to Elementor and make a bespoke website that is truly unique. Your clients will be thrilled with the results, want to work with you again and are much more likely to give you a 5 star review.

Let’s work together and create better websites.

It’s likely the reason you considered buying an all in one theme was due to some limitations in your agency, or maybe your own.

Getting to grips with page builders and custom post types, among other things, is not something that comes naturally to everyone. It takes years of practise and dedication to master web development, and the majority of people we speak to don’t have extra time lying around to learn a new skill.

This is exactly why NO LABEL Studios exists. We help overburdened marketers reduce their workload and create better websites together. It’s our why.

If you’d like to have a no-obligation chat about your needs then schedule an appointment.

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