How to Choose a White-Label WordPress Partner

WordPress is a flexible platform that goes way beyond its blogging origins. Agencies can build wonderful websites for their clients and increase their turnover, and their clients will gladly pay good money to achieve this outcome.. 

If you can take advantage of this in your design or marketing agency you probably should, but not at the expense of team moral and abilities.

This is where outsourcing comes in.

There are a number of white label agencies offering to lighten the load of your overburdened team, freeing up your time and resources to do what you are good at and to scale, which is a goal for most agencies. 

But how many of these outsourcing partners can be trusted to deliver quality work – on time and on budget – among other key vetting criteria?

The following are tips for vetting a white-label outsourcing partner to determine whether they can help you, rather than hinder you:

  1. Their goals should align with your own. Don’t partner with an agency that is the opposite to you and your beliefs.
  2. Don’t stand for “okay”. If you’re not happy with their processes or how they work, communicate that.
  3. Their reputation should be spotless. You’re not the only one who needs to be clean of any controversy or bad practices, your outsourcing partner should have gleaming reviews and be trustworthy.
  4. Do they have testimonials that can back up the quality of their work? If not then ask to verify their reputation some other way.
  5. They’re honest. There’s a lot at stake if something goes wrong. You need someone who will hold their hands up and offer to fix any issues should they arise. Do they appear to be trustworthy and honest?
  6. Do they allow you to test their capabilities? I strongly believe you should be able to test your outsourcing partners abilities, and that of their team, with a simple small job. Be prepared to pay for this – you can’t expect them to drop everything and do free work.
  7. Do they provide a contract that clearly defines and sets expectations or outcomes? Never engage with a white label agency that doesn’t provide written contracts, or you leave yourself open to legal woes.
  8. Does your candidate work with any Project Management systems that help keep projects on track? All professional white label agencies should use an industry standard PM tool for example; we use ClickUp.

Now that you know what to look for in a white-label partner you should be able to reach out and vastly reduce the possibility of working with a cowboy agency looking to make a quick buck.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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