Interview: James Rose of Content Snare

In the past, I’ve practically kidnapped clients to get their content all so I can get my final paycheque.

This is a common and truly frustrating roadblock for any freelancer, consultant or agency owner just trying to make ends meet. It’s no wonder there are solutions for this exact problem, which my guest knows all about.

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Content Snare dashboard and screens

1. Who are you and what web industry experience do you have?

Hey ?. I’m James Rose. Most friends call me Jimmy. You could probably say I started in the “web industry” in 2008, building awful websites with the express purpose of obtaining traffic through SEO and making money by sending that traffic elsewhere (ads). 

About that point, I met my business partner. Since then we’ve built 5 software products: 2 never made it to market, 1 was sold in 2017 and we still own 2. From 2014-2018 we built WordPress websites for clients and continue to create web-based software & mobile apps for a small group of clients. 

2. What do you offer to the agency world and who is it designed to help?

If you build websites, you’ll know how frustrating it is to gather the content you need to build that website. Content Snare is an online platform that helps agencies gather content from clients in the most efficient way possible – without email. 

I also host the Agency Highway podcast where the purpose of each episode is to impart at least one actionable thing that agencies can implement to grow. 

3. Was there a reason you decided to create this solution? Was it for personal reasons or did you spot a gap in the market?

It came from speaking to a handful of agency owners who all described content collection as the biggest bottleneck they had in finishing projects. 

At the time we were building websites too and immediately recognised that we had the same issue. We set out to build a solution and quickly learned that just about every agency dealt with the same issue. 

4. How has your solution evolved since launch and where do you see it going in the next 12 months?

Originally Content Snare was designed for one-way website content collection. By that I mean that the client provides content for the agency. 

Since then we’ve found that people want to use it in a more collaborative way, so that is the way we are moving. It should allow for content projects with multiple collaborators and live updates when multiple people are working together. 

We’ve also recognised that it needs to be super easy to use as we have lots of non-techies entering content. We’re in the middle of a UI overhaul to make it incredibly simple to use. 

Finally we’ve also noticed people are using it for more than just website content and are collecting information for:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Creative briefs & questionnaires
  • Speaker info for conferences and podcasts
  • Internal knowledgebases & sites

5. If you could hop into a time machine how, if at all, would you do things with Content Snare differently? Are there any things you wish you could have done better?

This is a pretty big sore point for us. We tried to develop too quickly and ended up with significant technical debt – in other words – a code base that we needed to fix. We’ve been dealing with the aftermath of that for almost 12 months. It’s caused massive delays in the release improvements and features. The good news is that we’re so close to the light at the end of this tunnel now.

So… if I went back I would spend more time monitoring the development 

6. Have you ever outsourced and what were your honest experiences of trying it?

I guess you can judge that by the answer to the previous question. 

Really though it was totally our fault for not properly communicating requirements and not properly monitoring progress. 

When you find the right people, it is amazing. We now have a team of talented developers from different countries that truly care about the code they produce and it shows. I’m pretty excited about the release of our upcoming version because it’s something that we can actually be proud of.

7. Which of your partners could you not do without? Is there a particular person or solution that has helped get you to where you are today?

There’s probably 100 of them or more. I owe everything we’ve built to amazing people I’ve met along the way. 

Lee Jackson invited me to come on his podcast after a small Twitter conversation. That led to meeting a bunch of other podcast hosts and influencers. So his generosity in asking some random guy on Twitter to come on his show may have started it all. 

One of those people was Kim Doyal, who has been extremely supportive, fun to chat to and shared so much of what we’ve created with her audience. 

Paul Lacey has provided tons of amazing feedback and positivity. 

I could go on forever. There are so many people that have helped in big ways including Dave Toomey, Corey Dodd, Dave Foy, Adam Hempy, Cliff Almeida, Brad Morrison, Matthew Kimberley, Laura Elizabeth, Jason Resnick, Chris Castillo, Kyle van Deusen plus everyone who’s been on my podcast. 

8. How can people get started with your solution if they’re interested in doing so?

Head over to If you open a chat after you sign up and say you heard about it on this post we’ll extend your trial to 30 days. 

9. What is the best way for people to reach out to you or your team should they have any further questions?

Using that chat icon on the website or inside the app. Or email [email protected]

10. Do you have a coupon code that our readers can apply to their purchase of your solution?

Coupon: NLS20
Offer: $20 discount coupon (use at checkout)

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