Partner Spotlight: Mustaasam Saleem of Cloudways

If you’re like me you want your hosting to be powerful and reliable, but also astronomically simple.

I’ve used all sorts of hosting provider from your cheapest of the cheap shared hosting, to the powerful SysAdmin and DevOps root access hosting you get with dedicated providers. Nothing ever met my needs quite like Cloudways.

Today we have the amazing Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways who is kindly here to speak to us about Cloudways. Oh and stick around until the end for a cool $15 free hosting credit.

1. Who are you and what web industry experience do you have?

Hello Oliver and thank you for this interview. 

Well, I’m Mustaasam Saleem and I look after the WordPress community at Cloudways, a managed cloud hosting platform specializing in hosting for WordPress websites.

I graduated as a software engineer back in 2015. Before joining Cloudways, I was involved in web development and an active member of many online communities and forums.

I think this unique combination of dev skills and community presence was one of the reasons I got hired by Cloudways. ;)

I have spoken at a few local WordPress meetups and attended WordCamp Karachi, WordCamp Islamabad and WordCamp Europe 2019. Out of these, WCEU 2019  was a great learning opportunity as we sponsored the event, and our team met a lot of our customers (both businesses and individuals). The highlight of the event was our meeting with Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress.

Cloudways with Matt Mullenweg at WCEU19 (Berlin, Germany)

2. What do you offer to the agency world and who is it designed to help?

We (Cloudways) are customer-centric web hosting platform. We value our customers’ feedback and plan accordingly. This is just one of the reasons our customers love to be part of the Cloudways family.

Cloudways caters to all the requirements of individuals, businesses, and more importantly agencies. Here are a few features that our agency customers love.

  • Multiple cloud providers
  • Unlimited number of servers
  • Unlimited number of sites on each server
  • 1-click push/pull enabled staging feature
  • Server and website cloning
  • Auto-healing servers
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Automated backups
  • Vertical scaling
  • 60+ data centers
  • Git integration
  • Server transfer
  • Team members
  • Pay-As-You-Go billing

We have an exclusive overview of Cloudways platform that highlights all the agency-focused Cloudways features. 

3. Was there a reason you decided to create this solution? Was it for personal reasons or did you spot a gap in the market?

Hosting a website on the cloud requires a lot of sysadmin work from deploying to the management. You can either start learning the technical stuff (this usually requires spending a lot of time in learning and maintaining the servers) or, hire a highly-paid sysadmin to deploy and manage the server(s) for you.

This is where Cloudways offers the best of both worlds. Our aim is to provide an easy-to-use platform that offers flexibility and peace of mind so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting while we manage the cloud server(s). This allows businesses to focus on growth without worrying about the server-side hassles.

Just to illustrate this, let me say that NoLabelStudios has found Cloudways a great fit for their requirements ;)

Cloudways Saved Me from Server Management and Now I Can Work on Creating More Sites for Clients.

Oliver Martin, NO LABEL Studios

4. How has your solution evolved since launch and where do you see it going in the next 12 months?

Back in 2014, when people started exploring Cloudways and the idea of what we are doing, they were like “Wow!” because they can leverage the benefits of cloud hosting without requiring technical knowledge.

Since then, we have grown a lot and now serve thousands of customers who trust us with more than a hundred thousand websites.

In 2018, we revamped our website, blog and introduced a ton of features that ensure customer satisfaction and their trust in Cloudways.

We are continuously evolving our platform, adopting new technologies, introducing new features based on valuable customer feedback, improving existing capabilities, adding new partnerships and more importantly, scaling our caring and expert 24/7 support team.

5. Which of your partners could you not do without? Is there a particular person or solution that has helped get you to where you are today?

Being Platform As A Service (PaaS) provider, we have partnered with Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode as our infrastructure providers and Rackspace and Elastic Email for email hosting and SMTP respectively. We have also partnered with StackPath for CDN and DNS Made Easy for DNS services.

Without our partners, I would say we would have limited growth opportunities and the managed cloud hosting industry would miss out a key player. :) 

6. How can people get started with your solution if they’re interested in doing so?

Cloudways is a middle-man between you and the cloud infrastructure providers. Customers do not have to pay separately to our IaaS partners. All they need is a Cloudways account. Next, they should avail the 3-days free trial (without giving out a credit card) from here. Verify the account and launch their websites on their preferred cloud servers.

Here is a walkthrough that shows how easy it is to install WordPress on Cloudways.

The plans start at $10/month for 1GB DigitalOcean server. Have a look at our Pay-As-You-Go pricing to pick out the perfect plan for your business.

7. Have you ever outsourced and what were your honest experiences of trying it?

At Cloudways, we believe in outsourcing as part of our marketing and development processes. We are working with people from around the world who help us with tasks in both functional areas. The concept of remote teams really works in our favor. So far our experience is overall good, with a few mixed opinions when it comes to the quality of the work delivered. 

Internal teams do produce results with a higher level of quality, but the external teams perform tasks much faster and with fewer restrictions. Thus, every freelance project is a matter of fine tradeoff between these factors and we allocate our resources accordingly. 

8. What is the best way for people to reach out to you or your team should they have any further questions?

Most of the time I’m available on Facebook. Anyone can reach me out on Twitter and/or email: mustaasam[dot]saleem[at]cloudways[dot]com

I would like to thank Oliver Martin for being part of the Cloudways family and giving me the opportunity to share my experience.

Keep up the excellent work!

9. Do you have a coupon code that our readers can apply to their purchase of your solution?

Coupon: NLS15
Offer: $15 Free Hosting Credit

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