The importance of UX in the web design process

UX is an essential component of any great website design process. What is UX, you may be asking? UX stands for user experience, which encompasses all aspects of a user’s experience with a company. This means meeting the user’s needs and expectations in a way that’s straightforward and stress-free for them.

One of the benefits of UX is that you’ll impress more clients, who may return with more work and/or recommend your agency to others. However, focusing on UX can be difficult when designing a website with a tool like Elementor in WordPress. It’s far easier to offer a user-oriented experience with design-centric tools such as Adobe XD. This article will detail the many reasons why:

You Can Start Right Away

Starting a new project with WordPress can be a lengthy process, as you have to download Elementor Pro, sort out hosting, and secure a domain name. The last two tasks may require some consultation with your client, which can further drag out the process. You’ll then run into more problems when trying to create multiple page layouts, particularly with setting margins and scaling titles.

If you’d rather create your layouts in hours and not days, I recommend opting for a design-centric tool. With Adobe XD, you can get started on your wireframe and mock-ups right away with an empty artboard. You can easily drag and drop images, move elements, scale titles, and more without having to worry about things like hosting and domain names until after you’ve finalised the design.

Reference Your Inspiration Board with Ease

Inspiration boards, or artboards, are a great way for you and your client to find the perfect atmosphere, vibe, colour palette, and layout of their website. However, referencing them is much easier when using XD than with Elementor, as Elementor doesn’t allow you to zoom out. 

With XD, you can simply drag your inspiration board from your desktop and drop it next to your page layout. Now you can view both the board and your page at once without having to pull the board up manually every time you want to reference it. You could also place screenshots of an inspiration website or your client’s current website if your job is to give it an update.

Ensure Consistency Across All Pages

With Elementor, you can’t view the web pages you’re working on at the same time. This can cause major consistency issues, especially if you’re designing multiple pages for a website (about, contact, blog, services, etc.). You’re unable to see if your pages actually look good together or if they look like they’re for the same website. 

If you use XD instead, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of all the pages you’re designing. This allows you to ensure that the flow of the content and visual presentation are consistent all the way through. 

Showcase Different Versions at Once

When designing a web page for a client, you’re unlikely to get it right on the first try. If you want to offer UX-oriented services to your clients, there needs to be a back and forth where you bring them designs, receive feedback, and make changes. This process takes a bit longer with tools like Elementor, as you may have to make entirely new templates to accommodate a client requesting one or two changes.

This process is much easier with Adobe XD. Not only can you easily remove and restore elements without having to make a new template, but you can also showcase different versions of the website at once. Now you can both identify the things you liked about an older version and easily add them back into the newest version. 

Avoid Endless Design Revisions

XD gives you the ability to design an entire website without worrying about the other more technical aspects of web development. That means you can more clearly separate the processes of designing the website (the UX phase) and building the website. 

Once your client has given you the design sign-off and you begin building the site, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive any requests for last-minute design revisions. If you do, you’re well within your right to ask for additional payment.

Outsource the UX Phase With NO LABEL Studios

When you outsource your work to NO LABEL Studios, you gain an expert in both the UX website design phase AND the website development phase with Elementor and WordPress. 

If you’d like to learn more about what I can bring to your UK web agency, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call +44 020 3468 0552.

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