Think you can’t afford to outsource? Think again

The majority of marketers we speak to raise the question of how they can afford to bring our team into a project and still make a profit. In other words how can they afford to work with us.

There’s a pretty clear cut and simple solution to this and it starts with when you get us involved.

Role playing scenario

Let’s do a little bit of role playing. I think this is a great way to communicate what I’m trying to get at.

Your agency has been selected to work on the redesign of your next big clients’ website. They are looking to finally get a return on their investment and enlist you to spearhead this change.

You and your team are excited to turn this project into a success story for your agency and deliver exceptional value to your client.

After some time, and for whatever reason, you need help fulfilling the project. Perhaps internal resources and expertise is lacking, or you’ve just bit off a little more than you can chew. Regardless, you need help and you seek a white label partner to outsource work to.

Scenario #1 – Bring a pre-agreed quote to us

In this scenario you and your team have done your discovery, due diligence and come up with a formal quotation for the work involved. The client has agreed – happy days!

This quotation covers your costs, staff salaries and other expenses, and perhaps a small buffer for those unexpected issues. It’s a well thought out and profitable quote for you and your team.

However, what happens when you try to spread out that profit like butter on too many pieces of toast?

It quickly becomes impossible to maintain your healthy profit. You went from excited to depressed in an instant, didn’t you?

Have you ever tried to outsource after quoting to your client? What challenges did that present?

Scenario #2 – Quoting with your partner in mind

A vastly different approach than the first scenario; quoting after you have spoken to your white label partner gives you a greater chance of securing your own agencies profit for each project that involves outsourcing.

Think about it. Instead of trying to share a single sum of money between everyone, each party has their own profit built into the total quotation sent to the client.

In this scenario your client pays you and the white label team. You stay profitable as a business and you get the support you need to fulfil the project requirements.

I dare say your client will be more happy with the results because each party will be doing what they do best rather than struggling, making mistakes and underdelivering.

You CAN afford to outsource after all

Collaboration with an external team need not be restricted to the deliverables of a project. You can work with a white label partner before you even speak to your prospect or just after that initial call with them.

After all a strong and healthy partnership should encourage early communication to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your client. In fact we owe it to your client to work together and deliver the best value from day one, which in turn cements you as their go to provider.

Building better websites together

NO LABEL Studios are creative and technical partners to marketers and agency owners looking for a helping hand.

We work collaboratively with our partners to draft formal quotations that ensure all involved are paid and stay profitable.

Our team of experienced web developers are available to help your marketing business thrive. We exist to unburden you from the creative and technical responsibilities of website design and development, whilst making sure you take all the credit from your client.

If you need a reliable partner who can help you take your websites to the next level please do get in touch. Let’s have a quick chat and see where we fit in.

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