Case Study

Relief from an overwhelming workload

David and I connected on LinkedIN some time ago. He gave me advice on a clients’ website that was badly hacked. The advice was invaluable and so too was his genuine desire to help others, which shows in the work he does for his clients.

So when David said he was looking for help I was instantly compelled to return the favour he had previously gifted me. The discussion naturally evolved into talking about working together, and soon we had begun building our first website together.

The rest is history and we now have a strong friendship and equally awesome time working together. Thank you David for the opportunities to work together and your genuine friendship.

Who are SitePatrol?

SitePatrol take the hassle out of maintaining a website for the every day, non-techie business owner who is overwhelmed by backups, security and updates. They scan, secure and backup client data automatically so they don’t need to worry about it. They’re available to lend a helping hand or give honest advice.

The challenge you faced

Prior to working with Oliver, my life was an absolute mess. My small family expanded by one little person, my Mother-in-Law moved in with us along with her 2 cats, and my ‘day job’ became more demanding of me and my time leaving a very small amount of time remaining for me to focus on my passion – WordPress web design and development.

I went through a lot of potential people I could have worked with, but everyone I tried to work with was lacking in some way.  Oliver was able to ‘tick all the boxes’ for me and his eye-for-design and dedication to making beautiful and functional websites for my clients was a WIN.

Working with Oliver at NO LABEL Studios has been nothing short of a pleasure.

The solution

Working with Oliver at NO LABEL Studios gave me back TIME. At this stage in my personal life, “time” is the hardest thing to come by. I value it above all else. Oliver took the reins of website design, web development, client communication, as well as sourcing beautiful photos to use on client websites.

He was really the ‘turn-key’ solution for the problem I was having of not being able to keep up with my client’s needs.

He has that one thing that is nearly impossible to find in a web designer / developer … intuition. Combine this with his excellent eye for design and exemplary communication with his clients, makes Oliver a stand-out person of the highest level. I would highly recommend Oliver for your web project – you will not be disappointed!

The transformation

Now that I have worked with Oliver on a few projects, I can only hope and wish that he never goes away!  He is the real deal – a triple threat: web designer, project manager, and client coordinator – he can fully manage and take care of your web design projects in a very professional and expeditious way.

David Steenkamp

David Steenkamp is a very patient and hard working person with a good knack for problem solving. His objective is to help and teach others in his own down-to-earth style.