Case Study

Helping SO Digital to continue delighting their clients

In this case study we’ll explore how by outsourcing development SO Digital avoided disappointing a new client and disrupting their development schedule.

This case study was made possible thanks to the amazing support of Pete Everitt from SO Digital. A dear friend and agency partner who has supported me from day one. It was a delight to work with Pete and his team, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again.

Enjoy my first ever case study!

Who are SO Digital Communications?

SO Digital is a digital communications and creative agency founded by two partners in 2016 with a focus on excelling for clients by giving them the right advice and quality of service that is second to none.

Pete Everitt, a former developer who had worked his way up through the management of large ecommerce agencies, and Steve Osborne, an award-winning creative and branding specialist, wanted to change some kudos. It became apparent that for too long creative and digital services essentially had two problems – (a) they were becoming a commodity and (b) they were not necessarily being used to complement each other.

Wanting to address these concerns, the duo put together an agency model that addressed both of these concerns for their clients with a unique approach by simply asking “what would support your business the most?” This approach quickly won them favour with clients in the education sector and Third Sector (along with B2B clients), where they have developed an extensive portfolio over the past few years.

By applying this logic, some common sense and a commitment to seeing their clients thrive, SO Digital continues to grow and now consists of a team of 10 based remotely throughout the UK.

The Challenge – Lack of development resource

When SO Digital approached us on the 2nd May 2019 they were in a difficult situation with one of their projects. The problem, if left unchecked, would have disrupted several client schedules, and damaged their reputation – a metric SO Digital take pride in maintaining.

The reason for their predicament was that one of their developers, tasked with working on their new clients’ website, had to down tools and assist with a family emergency. This left SO Digital with a lack of development resource, leading to an emergency for their agency.

We aim to delight our clients. Our business model for growth mirrors our clients success, so providing a faultless service, on time, on budget and to demonstrate a return is vital to us.

The solution – Outsource to increase resources

SO Digital had a few options, but none were ideal. Without another developer to work on the website their whole schedule was at risk. That’s when SO Digital contacted NO LABEL Studios and asked if I was available to take lead on the development, and restore order to their schedule.

Knowing of SO Digital, and having personally met its founder Pete Everitt the month prior at Agency Transformation Live 2019, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to work with Pete.

After a brief chat and a quick look at the signed-off visuals, I was more than confident I could translate the beautiful visuals into an Elementor build in time.

With everything discussed and agreements in place we shook hands (virtually) and I got to work helping SO Digital.

We didn’t look at competitors. We were confident in your abilities and trusted you to be honest and hardworking.

What work was involved?

I was tasked with developing a website that SO Digital were now unable to fit into their busy schedule – not without negatively impacting other projects.

Having a pre-determined deadline meant time was not in my favour. I had to be efficient in order to help SO Digital meet the expectations of their client, who were looking forward to results by the due date they had all agreed. Typically, I would negotiate deadlines with a client before accepting their project, however it was clear that Pete was confident the work could be done in time, and so was I. Beside, my availability at the time was good so it was a no-brainer.

Using Flowmapp I created a detailed sitemap with the various pages that Pete had agreed with the end-client. Alongside Pete and his team we all quickly agreed on the exact site structure, which enabled me to start creating all the WordPress pages within a day or two of accepting the project.

During the development phase I used Elementor, my page builder of choice, to create a near identical working copy of the website. My advanced knowledge and deep understanding of Elementor enabled me to deliver a gorgeous, functional website for SO Digitals end client.

A personal touch makes all the difference

During the project I felt that, due to time constraints, an ideal format for communicating progress would be video. Using private Loom videos, one of the many white label processes I follow, I was able to provide timely updates and responses to any outstanding questions SO Digital had. In addition, I used the same format to ask my own questions, enabling SO Digital to understand and respond quickly themselves.

SO Digital were delighted with the personal approach and felt they were kept up-to-date throughout the project. This is reflected in the video testimonial Pete provided…

You did a thorough job and delighted our client. Our reputation was maintained and the client didn’t know any change in personnel had taken place.

The outcome – SO Digital and their client were delighted

The website I delivered to SO Digital matched the clean and contemporary design that was agreed with their client. Due to the amazing flexibility of Elementor, and a splash of expertise, no compromises had to be made with the design or functionality. This resulted in me providing SO Digital with a website that delighted their end client.

Pete Everitt - SO Digital

Pete Everitt, is a former developer who worked his way up through the management of large ecommerce agencies, and now co-runs SO Digital with his business partner Steve Osborne.